New Year’s Resolutions You Can Conquer at the Beach


It’s approaching that time of year again! The New Year brings the desire to live your best life and be your best self by setting one or more goals that help you to achieve those things. Yes, it’s resolution time, friends. Have you thought about yours yet? Looking back at last year’s most popular New Year’s resolutions, we couldn’t help but notice that they could all be more easily accomplished at the beach! Check this out.

(P.S. It’s just another compelling reason to plan your next Topsail, North Carolina beach vacation today.)


The Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

(source: MarketingCharts.com)

We’re going to break down these chart-topping resolutions that are most commonly made each year and show you how—and why—they are indeed easier to conquer when you’re at the beach. We think you’ll quickly see that you have to agree. Life really is better at the beach.


Save More Money on a Beach Vacation

You may not think of taking a vacation as a means of saving money, but when you choose a beach vacation you can actually save more money than you would on other typical vacation destinations. Why? Because many of the things you can enjoy at the beach are totally free! Walks on the beach, free. Fabulous coastal sunrises and sunsets, free. Nature trails and parks, free. Surf fishing from the shoreline (if you already have your own gear and license), free. Building a sandcastle, free. Collecting seashells, free. Kids being entertained on the beach, free. You get the idea.


Eating Well is Easy at the Beach

With the abundance of fresh, locally caught seafood every month of the year, opportunities for eating well and eating healthfully present themselves on a daily basis. Coastal living offers the beautiful bounty of the sea in all its seasons; many of which are good for your mind, body and overall well-being. Then there’s the access to locally grown produce at our beach shops and farmers markets that give you a taste of the fresh seasonal flavors and a variety of healthy options for your meals. Let’s also not forget about the many area restaurants serving up the best of what the beach has to offer.



Being Active is a Lifestyle at the Beach

There are so many opportunities to get out there and move: walks on the beach, bike rides, water sports, and other coastal adventures—all paired with a mild and temperate climate all year long. It’s incredibly easy (and fun) to maintain an active lifestyle at the beach without even trying. It just comes naturally!


The Beach Encourages R&R

Self-care is 4th on that list of top resolutions, so that translates into things like getting more rest, improving sleep quality,  minimizing stress and taking care of you. The beach  offers a more laid-back atmosphere and chilled out vibe, so that’s already a given. Then there’s that fresh salty ocean air which you’ll find is a wonderful inducer of deep, restful sleep. Finally, since you’re likely to be more physically active at the beach, it’s going to lead you on the path to better quality sleep, too.



Read More Books at the Beach

Whether on vacation in your Topsail Island rental or finding your spot on the sand any day of the week, the beach provides the perfect place to catch up on some good reads and encourages you to slow down, unplug and get back to the simpler life. Don’t we all need a little more of that? Yes, yes we do.


Friendships Blossom at the Beach

Maybe it’s because we’re more laid back here, maybe people are just happier at the beach, or maybe it’s the southern hospitality—but making new friends happens quickly and easily here at the beach. You know what they say: birds of a feather flock together. You’re sure to find some friends who share your interests, hobbies, passions and endeavors. The more the merrier!



Inviting You to Try Something New

Opportunities to break out of your comfort zone to try something new and different abound at the beach: go diving, try parasailing, take surf lessons, practice your paddleboarding skills, go deep sea fishing, or do whatever sparks your interest . The coastal adventures are endless, and your skill sets will broaden as you have the best times of your life.


Take Up a New Hobby by Land or by Sea

Along the same lines as learning a new skill, you can take up a new hobby during your time on the beach. Shell collecting? Shark tooth hunting? Sea turtle monitoring and rescue? Wreck diving? Sailing? Fishing? Whatever floats your boat (literally and figuratively), you’re sure to find something that suits you here at the beach.


So What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

We want to know! If you don’t already have one, maybe you should just make your resolution to spend more time at the beach. Look at all you will accomplish by just being here! We hope to see you on the sand soon.


Your next Topsail, NC beach vacation awaits. Find the Topsail Island vacation rental that is perfect for you and your family—and book it today! Happy New Year!