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Public Beach Accesses


The Town of North Topsail Beach will implement a “Pay to Park” plan at all town-controlled parking areas on March 1, 2021. Pay-to-Park will be enforced from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Enforcement personnel will scan license plates at each lot multiple times per day, as well as side streets throughout town, and issue violations to those who have not paid. The charge for the first violation is $50.00. Towing will be considered for repeat violators.

While our implementation of Pay-to-Park is motivated by the need to raise revenues, it has forced us to designate approved parking areas and eliminating “on street” parking in the right-of-way throughout town. Vehicles parked in the right-of-way will receive a citation and fine.

It should be noted that Onslow County operates three parking area/beach accesses within the Town of North Topsail Beach. To the best of our knowledge the county intends to continue operating these lots free of charge.


Visitors – or anyone that does not pay property taxes in North Topsail Beach – must also download the SurfCAST by Otto app to register their basic information, including their license plate number, and pay for their selected period of time in designated locations.

Visitors must follow the steps below to successfully register and pay:

1. Download and sign into the SurfCAST by Otto

2. Register account information as prompted

3. Enter the Parking Zone Number (as shown on the sign)

4. Set up their payment method (Credit, Debit, PayPal, etc.)

5. Pay for their permit and enjoy the beach

Those who choose to purchase an annual pass for either the standard lots or the 4X4 driving area will only have to do this once. Also, those that purchase a weekly or annual permit for either the standard lots or the 4X4 area will be able to utilize any designated lot in North Topsail Beach at no additional charge within the period of their permit.

The following rates have been established:

Standard Lots

Hourly - $ 5.00

Daily - $25.00

Weekly - $100.00

Annual - $250.00

Park By Mail Lot(For those who may arrive without a smartphone, go to NTB07 at 4030 Island Drive where you will receive a parking voucher and envelope to submit payment by mail.)

Daily - $30.00

4X4 Drive On Lot

Daily - $25.00

Weekly - $100.00

Annual - $250.00

Those who visit the parking lots will see a sign designating the Parking Zone. Zones are as listed below:


NTB01 - Reeves Street -10

NTB02 - Chestnut Street - 20

NTB03 - 21st Avenue - 12

NTB04 - 13th Avenue - 12

NTB05 - Rodney Knowles Park - 14

NTB06 - Myrtle Drive - 15

NTB07 - 4030 Island Drive -150

NTB08 - Jeffries #1 - 80

NTB09 - Jeffries #2 - 217

NTB10 - Town Park S - 20

NTB11 - Town Park N - 23

NTB12 - Jenkins - 20

NTB13 - Bay Court Parallel - 12

NTB14 - Marina Way Parallel - 12

NTB15 - North End Lot - 35

NTB44 - 4X4 Drive On Area

North Topsail Beach welcomes and appreciates the thousands of visitors who come to our beach each year. Maintaining that beach has become increasingly expensive, and “Pay to Park” will go a long way toward helping us continue to be good stewards of this precious natural resource.


Visit https://www.surfcitync.gov/2395/Public-Beach-Accesses for information on Surf City Public Beach Accesses. 

Visit https://www.surfcitync.gov/2425/Beach-Parking for information on Surf City Beach Parking.

Visitors staying in Surf City during March 1- Oct 31 will need to pay to park in the Surf City Parking Lots from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Visitors can purchase an hourly, daily, weekly, or season pass to accommodate your visit. To obtain a pass use the Text-To-Park option or scan a QR code once you arrive to your preferred parking lot.

Hourly rates range from $3.00/hr to $5.00/hr depending on location of parking lot.


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