5 Reasons We Love Autumn at the Beach

Don’t get us wrong. We love Topsail Island at ANY time of the year. (Yes, we are biased and not afraid to admit it.) But there are some things about Fall that make the island even more special

1. Two Words: No. Traffic.

Summertime at Topsail Island can be a little…well, congested. While we love the charm and historic symbol of crossing the Swing Bridge, we do not love the traffic back up it causes on the island or mainland in the busy summer months. During the Fall, boat traffic and vehicular traffic are drastically reduced, making your trip onto the island much smoother and less rushed-to-cross-the-bridge-before-it-closes.

2. The Comfortable Outdoors

North Carolina summers get hot, hot, hot! While Summer is great for your annual dose of Vitamin D, Fall is a wonderful time for enjoying the outdoors. The water has warmed up from the oh so high temps in July but the air is cool enough to hang out on the beach ALL. DAY. No need to take a ‘break’ indoors for the air conditioning when it’s a comfy 75 degrees outside.

3. Festivals, Fishing, & Fun!

Who says you can only have fun at the beach when it’s Summertime? Once Fall hits, we have festivals galore (plus a lot of great fishing)! With the NC Spot Festival in Hampstead, the Riverfest in Wilmington, or the Autumn with Topsail festival in Topsail Beach, there are many opportunities to have fun in our area (check them all out here)!

4. Almost Empty Beaches

When school starts back up and all the Summer vacationers head home, you can pretty much expect to have a quiet beach almost all to yourself (less some locals and fishermen). Who wouldn’t enjoy a quiet day spent at the beach to catch up on a good book and relaxation? Sign. Me. Up.

5. Save Some Moolah!

As if the reasons above weren’t good enough, prices on vacation rentals drop outside of the Peak Summer season, saving you hundreds of dollars on your trip. You also can save on souvenirs at gift shops and enjoy off season specials at restaurants.

So what are you waiting for?