Hurricane Florence

UPDATE 10/19/2018:

As of this point, ALL TOWNS are open to the public and vacation rentals. Please note: many beach accesses are still closed due to damage/hazards. 


Town of North Topsail Beach Amended Declaration

Town of Surf City Amended Declaration

Town of Topsail Beach Amended Declaration


The Town of Topsail Beach has revised it's State of Emergency for Hurricane Florence. The revised State of Emergency will allow for short term vacation rentals and open undamaged beach accesses. Please be aware that there is still debris on the beach and the streets.

Additionally, the curfew from 11pm to 7am remains in effect. Damaged public accesses (beach and sound), the Bush Marina building and boat slips will remain closed until repairs can be completed.


UPDATE 10/16/2018:

CSA Travel has decided to extend evacuation coverage for an additional 30 days, so Guests are now covered through November 11th. Please contact CSA Travel Insurance to file your claim if your reserved property is located in Surf City or Topsail Beach where the vacation ban has not been lifted. You may communicate with them directly at 1-866-999-4018, or visit this link to get information regarding their claim process and forms. Please note, our Plan/Product Code is G-320CSA


UPDATE 10/5/2018:


Beginning on Sunday, October 7th at 7:00 AM, the Town of North Topsail Beach will be open to all residents and visitors. Please see this Declaration for additional information.

As of right now, the Town of Surf City and Town of Topsail Beach are still prohibiting vacation rentals until further notice.

We will be communicating with guests if their North Topsail Beach vacation rentals are safe for use in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience!




 UPDATE 10/1/2018:


Island beaches remain closed and the town officals are prohibiting vacation rentals "until further notice." We do not have an estimated date at this point and are at their mercy in this regard, so we can only take things a week at a time, unfortunately. 

We have already begun necessary repairs to damaged homes and are working diligently with homeowners to get them up and running as soon as possible in the event the island opens back up for rentals. 

As soon as we have more information from our owners in regards to cancellations and from town officials on opening the beaches (hopefully we will hear a date on Thursday, October 4th), we will be in contact with you immediately. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding!




UPDATE 9/26/2018:



The NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our grant application program for those impacted by the Hurricane Florence storm system. Eligible applicants can qualify for a grant covering one month’s rent or mortgage payment.

Grants are available for up to $1,500 and do not need to be repaid. You can access the application here.

If your home was impacted, please apply for assistance and share this information with others who are affected.

This grant is available through the generosity of the REALTOR® Relief Foundation, a natural disaster fund managed by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). NAR has committed up to $500,000 to this effort.

The NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation has also committed $50,000. One hundred percent of all proceeds from this fund will benefit disaster victims.

In the next few days we will communicate with volunteers to assist applicants with this program.

So many people have been affected by this tragic natural disaster. It may be unprecedented in our state’s history. We will work as rapidly and efficiently as possible to make sure these funds are administered effectively and appropriately.

We appreciate the generosity of REALTORS® throughout our state and across the country who have already given to this important work.

With sincere appreciation,

Sofia Crisp, 2018 NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation President

Amy Hedgecock, 2018 NC REALTORS® President





UPDATE 9/24/2018:


For guests who need to submit a CSA Travel Insurance claim:

You may communicate with them directly at 1-866-999-4018, or visit this link to get information regarding their claim process and forms. Please note, our Plan/Product Code is G-320CSA. We have contacted CSA and the documentation they need to start the process is as follows (depending on location of your rental home):


North Topsail Beach - OPEN as of 10/7/2018Please see this Declaration for additional information.

Surf City (link to photos on their Facebook page where they have the image copy of the State of Emergency posted)

Topsail Beach (print the State of Emergency Proclaimation Document)


Please send them the appropriate document above with your claim form. If you have any further questions, please do not hesistate to call or email us.


Hurricane Assistance Information from our friends at Topsail Island Association of Realtors


The following sites will be Red Cross distribution centers:
Maple Hill VFD, 115 Old Maple Hill Rd., Maple Hill
American Legion, 16660 Hwy. 17, Hampstead
Penderlea VFD, 4005 NC Hwy 11, Penderlea
The old Bank of America, 102 E. Fremont St., Burgaw
EMS Station, 14388 Hwy 210, Rocky Point


The following drop sites for relief items will be:
Lighthouse Church, 98 S. Trade Way, Rocky Point
Atkinson, 700 E. Church St., Atkinson
Maple Hill, 115 Old Maple Rd., Maple Hill
Hampstead Kiwanis Park, 586 Sloop Point Loop Rd., Hampstead


For assistance of food, toiletries, and cleaning products, visit:
Share the Table, 12395 Hwy. 50, Surf City (call 910-616-8897 for hours)
Gateway Baptist Church, 416 W. Bridgers St., Burgaw
Lighthouse Church, 98 South Trade Way, Rocky Point.Monetary donations may be made to the American Red Cross, Gateway Community Church, Pender Christian Services, Baptist Men of North Carolina, and Lighthouse Church, and Share the Table.


UPDATE 9/20/2018:

We have just been granted access back on to the island as of this morning. Currently, we have teams out to assess damages and get an idea on when properties are safe for vacations. 

It is our understanding that there was limited structural damages on the island, however, several dunes, shingles, siding, decks and beach accesses are in need of repair. It will take a few days for us to collect all of the information, as we are working on limited staff in our area and we have several homes to assess. 

As soon as we have information and estimated repair times, we will be emailing and calling you with the status of your reservation. 

If you have purchased CSA Travel Insurance, you may communicate with them directly at 1-866-999-4018, or visit this link to get information regarding their claim process and forms. Please note, our Plan/Product Code is G-320CSA.

If you did not purchase travel insurance, we will update you once we hear back from homeowners on approvals given regarding your lost reservation.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this time as we are doing the best we can to get properties back in order as soon as possible.


UPDATE 9/16/2018:

At this time, the island is not open for re-entry and crews are doing their best to assess the conditions to determine when we are allowed back on the island. Many roads to get to the Topsail area are impassable as well. If you have a reservation in the next couple of weeks, we suggest you contact CSA Travel Insurance and begin the claim process. As soon as we are able to assess damages to our rental properties, make necessary repairs, and the road conditions clear up, we will let you know it is safe to enjoy your upcoming vacation. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.

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